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Barr Locals crawl. get a taste of the Columbus bar scene, - Columbus, OH "Become a Barr Local"

We hate to state the obvious - ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT LEASE 21 YEARS OF AGE!!!


Being a Barr Local isn't possible without being a responsible drinker.  We all know our limits and the majority of us have at least one friend who doesn't drink.  Don't be an asshole to that friend, they are encouraged to join the crawl for free.  Not only do they have the pressure of the morning recap, they are also in charge of getting you home safely.  All of your friends are alcoholics?  We know some of the best cabbies in town!

Barr Locals provides everything you need to have a good time, don't ruin it by driving drunk, throwing up, fighting, or grabbing an ass.  We are not responsible for any of your actions.  If your team is thrown out of any bar on your route, your crawl is OVER and won't be allowed in any remaining bars.



Singles Bar Crawl Series! 4 Nights 2 Neighborhoods 8 bars $40 (Includes all 4 dates) For 4 straight Thursday's, you'll have the opportunity to potentially
meet the love of your life or just your next drinking partner. Register for an opportunity to meet some of Columbus' finest
singles while exploring some of the best bars the city has to offer. Email if you wish to be in the same group
as friends. Include all names in your group.

Registration includes: 2 FREE Movie Passes to Studio Movie Grill, 50% off Where I'm From T-Shirts, and $20 worth of free Uber rides.

You are not required to attend all 4 nights.

June 5th & June 12th June 14th 2pm - 7pm

Save the Grandview Theatre Bar Crawl

The Grandview Theatre located on Grandview Ave. needs your help. Hollywood has decided to halt production on the film type currently used at Grandview Theatre. They are in need of a projection upgrade and we are here to help.


For more information: projection screen


Register for our Save the Grandview Theatre Bar Crawl to keep this local treasure open for business.


Registration includes admission to a private viewing party.

(Date & Movie voted on by crawlers).

Enjoy 4 of Grandview's favorite bars.

$20 ride fare for new Uber users.